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Good Age Riddle

Good Age Riddle - 24 August

Lena Dunham , Allison Williams, and Jemima Kirke are 3 daughters of a good mathematician "Geroge".
When I asked George the age of their daughters. He replied "The current age of her daughters is prime. Also, the difference between their ages is also prime."

How old are the daughters ?

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Oldest Riddle Heard

Oldest Riddle Heard - 23 August

This is the oldest riddle that I have heard.

Once there was a man who is travelling with a Tiger , goat, and grass.
He needs to cross the river that can carry the maximum of two i.e Man + one of Tiger goat or grass. But the problem is "If he takes lion with him, the goat will eat grass and if he takes grass with him, the lion will eat goat".

How can he ensure safe delivery of all three?

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Matchsticks Equation Puzzle

Matchsticks Equation Puzzle - 22 August

You need to move four matchsticks to make matchsticks equation true.

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Smart Algebra Equation Riddle

Smart Algebra Equation Riddle - 21 August

Aakriti = 742
Lavesh = 622
Shruti = 620
Anmol = 522
Sonal = ?

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Charley Wilma Killing Riddle

Charley Wilma Killing Riddle - 20 August

why despite killing dozens of people Charley and Wilma were not punished?

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Strange Birthday Puzzle

Strange Birthday Puzzle - 19 August

Today, I celebrated my 32nd birthday but I was born in 1971.
How is this possible ?

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Charity Tennis Match Puzzle

Charity Tennis Match Puzzle - 4 August

In Dubai at the charity event, Federal and Nadal played exactly five matches. Both wins exactly an equal number of matches.

How is this possible?

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